Calling all U.K. Cane Corso owners!

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Jago19, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Jago19

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    Hi guys,

    So I have a question for my U.K. cane Corso owners. Our original plan was to feed our 15 week old Cane Corso a raw diet. However raw has given him diarrhoea and he just isn’t a big fan of it.

    So we have been feeding him wainwright’s complete wet puppy food. I have recently read that puppy food is a bad idea due to too much calcium. However from reading both the adult and puppy food packaging they both have the same amount (if I am reading them correctly)

    I am wondering what you guys are feeding your babies & why. So I can try and find something that he is not only going to enjoy (he loves the wainwright’s wet food. He can’t have kibble of any brand as it causes him to drink excessively throughout the day) but is also the best food he can have. I have read contradicting things regarding the wainwrights’ food so unsure if I should continue with it or not.

    I’ve heard good things about some kibble foods (I think it was farmina but can’t be too sure without checking my note book) but as kibble makes my boy so thirsty I don’t think that’s a good idea.
  2. glen

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    Hi, im uk and have 3 ccs, i use eden holistic, you dont have to feed them that much either, as pups 3x a dsy now older twice a day, i dont like giving them large meals, the food doesnt swell either, i worry about bloat. Mine dont drink excessive water at all, so youll know the size of the small pot noodle pots i use those as a scoop 1 in the morning 1 at night. Its £54 a sack but each dog a sack last around 5 weeks. Its grain free 80 percent meat, my boys are now 8,6 and 5 never had any problems.

    Iv fed this from 10 yo 12 weeks old,
    I cant comment on Wainwright's personally, but my friends lab did the same on it, was always thirsty ect,
  3. Jago19

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    Hi Glen,

    thank you.

    he’s doing great on Wainwright’s wet food but I am just concerned that it’s perhaps not the best nutritionally for him.

    the kibble we tried him on after the raw wasn’t Wainwright but it was grain free as I know mastiff’s are prone to grain allergies and intolerance.

    I might have to invest in the product you mention and see if he likes it & see if it doesn’t cause him to get extra thirsty. I’m trying to find a dog nutrition book but haven’t had much luck.
  4. glen

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    When i was looking 8 years ago now i phonex many companies, the man that owns eden was amazing and helped with information, i cant fault it, you can also give raw with it, i give raw bone from the butchers as a treat, if you want to try it get it from petshoppostie its cheaper than the eden sight, theres a lot of information on the eden sight,
    If you need any help im always checking forum, where abouts are you
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  5. Jago19

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    We are in south London. We’ve just decided to give Raw another go but have changed our raw company. Just had a box of raw frozen delivered from Benyfit Natural so going to see how he gets on with this. We are going to order some Eden too & see how he gets on with that. Since switching the kibble out his water in take has calmed down dramatically. I am now wondering if his sloppy poo was a combo of the kibble and raw mixed as we did often mix them for him. Who knows, I guess we will just have to see how he gets on with this new brand. Fingers crossed he likes it and gets on well with it as it’s cost me a small fortune :rolleyes:
  6. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hope it goes well, i know the cost i have 3 males, all eat eden and raw. Switch over slowly, and you amount may look small but it does fill them good luck.

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