Calcium supplements because of posture?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Shaunn8, Sep 13, 2020.

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    We have a 13 week old Neopolitan Mastiff pup and after sending a picture to the breeder recently they suggested upping her calcium intake based on the way she is sitting. Didn't elaborate much more but this was a new one to me. She was definitely a runt in the litter and has been growing pretty fast since coming home with us. Basically the comment was that she should be sitting forward more. up on her front paws and less slumping back on her haunches. Attaching some pictures so you all can take a look. I have never heard this before and I can't seem to find anything searching for info on it. Thoughts? IMG_7815.jpg

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    Hi Shaunn8- your puppy is ADORABLE! My Boerboel was a slouchy, lazy sitter and she is perfectly fine. I did talk to our Vet about supplements etc and she suggested that as long as we were using a high quality food, Daisy would get all the nutrients needed. I think if you are concerned- a quick trip to the Vet would be better than the breeder making a decision like that from your picture. Your puppy is so cute! All the best and keep us posted.
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    imo , bad idea ...... i'd recommend proper exercise , lots of walking and time on her legs , without beating up her joints ....... i went to a vet once recommended calcium supplements , i literally went once .........
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    Not 100% sure of this thought, but if I wanted to boost calcium a tad I'd get a nice big beef butcher bone for her to work on.. If calcium can not be rendered from the bone she will love ya for it none the less..

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