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    Just made a first payment on our new girl Jill. Bowers has a lot of the Proffers line. Proffers is a breeder in Mo and Bowers is near KC, Mo. I was in touch with each one. I went to Proffers first. He did not have any litters at this tiime but is expecting some soon. After several conversations on the phone he called me and told that Bowers just had a litter and that he was taking some for his program from them.

    I do not have experience of breeders. However, these two breeders are what I would consider the top in their profession. Courteous. Detailed. Good return policy if something is found to be wrong. Pretty standard contract as is with most good breeders. Chipped and vet info provided at completion (when we get her). Also, she is to be hand carried on the plane to our destination for pickup. With all the reported plane vs puppy/dog problems its a relief and it did not cost anymore than if we had her shipped standard fair. A good report in all details.

    This all comes with a cost. Its not cheap. But in my mind well worth it to get a qulaity dog that might be well pointed thru the South African Association system. If so, then we will breed her when that time comes. Hate to see a good dogs genes not being passed on.

    I will report back once we get our new girl, Jill.

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