Bone And Food Values For Raw Feeding Dogs

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by ruthcatrin, Mar 9, 2013.

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    The Whole Prey Model formula is: 80% meat + 10% bone (wrapped in some of that meat) + 5% liver + 5% "other" organ (mixed up for variety, may include kidney, spleen, pancreas, or other 'secreting' organ).

    I agree with dpenning - the heart is a muscle. It doesn't 'secrete' anything, so it's not considered an organ for raw feeding purposes.
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    Anyone else get nervous when feeding a chicken thigh, for example, that dog will choke on bone? It's never happened but I still get nervous [emoji30]

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    Never had one choke but I did have a whole bone pass a time or two which told me she was not chewing her food so I went to ground

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    Hi. I have a 7 yr old mastiff and just researching the whole RAW diet. I wanted to make a large batch threw grinder and freeze it but i am confused on how much of each protein etc I would grind. Does anyone have anything they could share as far as 10 thighs or 2 whole whole chickens use this much organ meat, this much greens/fruits etc. I already bought everything i just dont know how much of each.
  5. DennasMom

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    I use a spreadsheet to figure up the totals for my "recipes". :)

    I don't grind anything. I do buy some pre-ground dog food that is just ground beef, with 10% bone in it, but that's not all the bone she gets.
    Whole chunks of meat are good "toothfloss"
    Whole bone-in cuts of meat are great "toothbrushes"

    If you grind everything, your dog doesn't get the joy of chewing her food... and her teeth don't get the benefits of brushing & flossing.
    Teeth will probably be MUCH cleaner just by avoiding the carbs in kibble, but not as clean as they would be getting whole cuts of meat.
    Just something to consider. Some dogs are gulpers and whole bone-in cuts can be scary, so I get grinding... just not something I do.

    For a chicken recipe - aiming for 80/10/5/5

    4 lbs whole small chicken (= 3lbs of meat + 1lb of bone)
    5 lbs boneless chicken (breast, thigh or any other part)
    0.5 lbs chicken livers
    0.5 lbs "other organ... might have to branch out into beef or lamb kidney for this

    Total: 10 lbs
    8lbs meat + 1lb bone + 0.5lb liver + 0.5lb "other" organ

    For a pork recipe:

    4lbs pork ribs ( = 2.8lbs of meat + 1.2lbs of bone)
    5.6lbs boneless pork shoulder
    0.6 lbs pork liver
    0.6 lbs pork kidney

    Total: 12 bls
    9.6 lbs meat + 1.2 lbs bone + 0.6 lbs liver + o.6 lbs kidney

    Adding greens, veggies, fruit is optional... but I would make it 25% or LESS of the total. So, for the 10lb chicken recipe, no more than 2.5lbs of fruit & veggie combined. The mix of fruit and veggies is up to you. I go for cruciferous veggies most of the time... broccoli and cauliflower. But, I tend to mix it up for variety, too.

    The key is having a good estimate of what % bone is in the RMB (raw meaty bone) that you're feeding... you can find the %'s online at places like this:

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