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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by HayleyMarie, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. HayleyMarie

    HayleyMarie New Member

    If you seen my intro thread, you will know those are the two breeds that I have decided on, but have not and can not make up my mind about. I've talk to breeders, and still no making up my mind. My issue is I love them both and both breeds would fit perfectly in my lifestyle.

    So Boerboel and Cane Corso owners could you give me some more insight into both breeds and hopfully it will help me decide.

    Thanks, Hayley
  2. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well you know where my heart lies but I do like Boerboel's too so you are going to have fun with this decision. :)
  3. Sabrina

    Sabrina New Member

    They are fairly similar breeds! What are your specific questions?
  4. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    I like both breeds, obviously a little partial to the CC :)
    There are some really nice BB out there as well.
    I guess it comes down to research from here.
    Brad owns both, I would love to hear what input he has on the choice.
  5. HayleyMarie

    HayleyMarie New Member

    Fun, You call this FUN Mary. Pffff!!

    I know they are quite similar, which I think is the problem. So what might be the small differences between the breeds? Im just trying to fiqure out what breed would fit my lifestyle the best, which is pretty active. Were Moving to Sparwood, BC and we do alot of moutian hiking and biking.
  6. Oak Hill Farm

    Oak Hill Farm New Member

    my $0.02...I owned my corso for 6 years (RIP) and decided to switch to a Boerboel at this time. Part of my decision was due to the loss of my corso ( I still miss him a year later). Also keep in mind I do not own a Boerboel yet, Researched talked to MANY breeders and have my name in on a litter this spring, but no actual experience. Some factors that made my decision (and I know these are vague generalities that NOT ALL dogs fall under)
    1. Boerboels seem to be a bit milder temperament. Not less protective, just slower to react. They generally take more of a "wait and see", not everything is suspect as it is with corsos. Corsos are just a bit sharper, but watch out when the boerboel does take notice, they can be fierce.
    2. Corso's seem to be on average a bit smarter (as a whole) "no one attack me here, I'm speaking in generalities"
    3. Boerboel's aren't quite as "velcro" as corsi tend to be. If you've owned a corso you know what I mean. Boerboels give you more space.
    4. Appearance wise Obviously boerboels are quite a bit larger and bulky than a corso. They are also less agile. While corso are more active and colors are more varied.
    5. From my talks, it seems the corso is more dog/human aggressive than a boerboel. Not that ALL of them are (again averages)

    they are both very similar. The deciding factors for me (which may not even apply to you) were my son is at an age where he wants to do more with the dogs. The Boerboels seem to be a bit more amiable, which is more comfortable for me if my son will be taking him without my supervision. The other is we live on a farm and the boerboel was more suited to farm life. Willing to be in the yard without you and less prey drive than the corso.

    Just my opinion..take it for what it is :)
  7. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    Great info. I've been around quite a few CC and know the breed fairly well... I've never actually meet a Boerboel but was under the impression they were sharper more agressive dogs than CC (in general) guess I was wrong!
  8. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Of course it is fun! It isn't me having to make the decision ;) :p

  9. northernmastiff

    northernmastiff New Member

    LOL. I can't offer any advice but I had to laugh at Mary's comment. We were torn between DDB and EM before we finally decided on the EM. A DDB may be in our future but not for a while. My only advice is to get out to the breeders and meet the dogs. Sometimes just meeting a few of both will help make up your mind.

    Good luck with choosing.
  10. K9Mom

    K9Mom New Member

    I'm in the same quandrum as you. We are looking to add a female to our home (we have 2 adult male dogs) this year and have narrowed it down to a Boerboel, Corso or Tibetian. We have young children (3 & 5) so a dog that is very child tolerant, slow to react (not sharp), not prone to dog aggression and smart enough to know friend from foe is essential. My other desire is to train the younger dog or pup for therapy work as I am a special education teacher. We are looking at both the breeder route or rescue route. With a rescue usually being 1-2+ years old, I would know what I was getting since they have shown their behavioral characteristics by then. If you are going the breeder route, from talking to breeders and owners of these 3 breeds and other mastiff forums, I would focus on the long term goals of the breeder's program, what the breeder is hoping to produce with this specific pairing and types of puppies these 2 dogs have produced before. If the breeder has a litter that is high prey drive or of sharper temperment then that may not be the best choice for hiking or biking where there are a lot of small animals running around or people approaching quickly. For a family companion (close neighbors?, other dogs in neighborhood, lots of visual and auditory stimuli) verses a true working dog I would be looking for very different things. The 2 breeds you mentioned could fall anywhere along the spectrum. The breeder should be asking you questions too for the right match. Also look at the energy or endurance level of the breeds too. From talking to the Corso and Boerboel breeders and owners, most agreed that the Corso was more of an athletic, agile breed. If I wanted a jogging or longer endurance partner, the Corso was a better match. For hiking or walking either was fine. Also look at cold tolerance. Does 1 breed do better being active in cold weather?

    For us, I think it will be when the right dog (probably a rescue) of either of those 3 breeds comes along. Best of luck in your search!

  11. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    My 2 year old Corso is a working Therapy dog with the Children's Hospital here. We have also done special events such as day camps for kids with Cerebral Palsy. We also have a young female from working lines, where the breeder is specifically breeding to a higher drive, sharper type. You are absolutely correct, it is about the breeder and what they are trying to achieve. Both lines would be considered "rustic/old type", and although our older dog has drive, it is no where near the same level. Both came from reputable breeders, both were picked for me based on what I was wanting as far as temperament and what I want to achieve with them :) . That said, both are dedicated to our children. They are the best of friends and companions I could have asked for with them.
    I think more and more breeders are breeding the sharpness out of the CC, as having a dog with the hard temp can be difficult in society today.
    Not many of us are living in the rural situation like the Corso was bred for, years past, in Italy. A High drive, dominant Corso is not an easy feat, it involves the owner to be aware at all times. It is NOT a type for everyone, I have to be on my toes at all times with her
    However as Ang said, the Corso is stuck to you like glue. It wants nothing more then to be at your side 24/7.
    From what I have read about the BB, they are devoted, but NOT obsessive like the CC.
    @ Hayleymarie If you are every in Calgary, drop me a line and we could meet up for a walk and I will introduce you to my 2 :)

  12. The Ricardo

    The Ricardo New Member

    I live in Edmonton and we have a 7 month old Corso, My wife and myself would love to have ya meet our Corso if you would like... We live Southside Edmonton...

    Let us know =)
  13. Prime

    Prime Banned

    lol, Im a newbie. Hey everyone, Aloha! Yeah I just noticed you all were talking about Boer boel's. I was planning on getting 2 Boer boel x Presa canario boy pup's, next year. I fu%$#*$ love these two breed's of dogs, so instead of getting just 1 Boer boel pup an 1 Presa canary pup , I was going to get a cross of both. -I do truley feel they both are unmatched in what they do, an how they look. I think by crossing them both will blend nicely. Having the calm, yet nerve's of steel trait an being the ultimate guardian protecter of all the mastiff's, the "Boer boel", will simmer down the unmatched in gameness, nimbleness an power of the "Presa canario", making a dog that will only attack when the time is needed an perform beyound your average Neopolitan x Pitbull Bandogge, or American bulldog x English mastiff Bandogge an even the Cane corso x Staffordshire, Bandogge, mergeing the average weight of Boer boel's of 150-200 pounds, with the average weight of Presa canary's around 100 to 130 pounds, to meet in the middle at around an average weight of 130 to 160 which is an ideal weight for a performance dog, not to big like Neoplitan's an English mastiff's an not to small like bulldog's. -For both these dog's history are the most prestine leniage of all the dog's that are classified as guard dog's, guardian dog's, dispatch dog's an hunting dog's rolled up into one, the "Boer canario" or maybe the "Presa boel" XD AWESOME!!!
  14. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't think you are going to find anyone patting you on the back or agreeing that you should go ahead and cross these breeds. There are enough of them in shelters and rescues as it is.
  15. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

  16. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    ---^--- I agree.
  17. allformyk9s

    allformyk9s New Member

    Agree too!

    And with mixing breeds you can not guarantee that you'll get the 'best' of each breed, you could in fact end up with the 'worst' of each, plus no telling how big or small the end product will be - bad idea.

    Like BlackshadowCC stated above there are way too many mixed breeds dying in shelters b/c there are not enough homes for them b/c folks continue to try & make these "designer breeds" aka as a MUTT, lets be honest its a mixed breed - dont get me wrong I have several mutts & I Love them, mutts are awesome. But wish folks would stop playing around with mixing of breeds to get that "perfect" dog look/disposition. Check out a shelter, check out a rescue ... somewhere there is a dog that fits the bill. I hope you reconsider your decision & think of the possible consequences to the 'products' of this idea of yours.

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    I have a female rescue CC - who is pretty picky on who her friends are. She likes our human family of 4, our cats/dogs & finally after many months of visits my husbands father. Unfortunately up until we got her we are unaware of her experiences with people but guessing on how she is we assume whoever had her prior did not socialize her properly beginning at a early age. Even with all this we have fallen in love with the breed so much so we recently adopted a CC puppy *prob. mix, mom was a CC* from the same rescue our female came from. Once he's vaccinated & protected I'll be taking him to training classes with the ultimate goals being him getting his CGC & eventually a therapy dog. :) I have no experience on the Boerboel but they beautiful. GL!
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  18. allformyk9s

    allformyk9s New Member

    I have a female rescue CC - who is pretty picky on who her friends are. She likes our human family of 4, our cats/dogs & finally after many months of visits my husbands brother. Unfortunately up until we got her we are unaware of her experiences with people but guessing on how she is we assume whoever had her prior did not socialize her properly beginning at a early age. Even with all this we have fallen in love with the breed so much so we recently adopted a CC puppy *prob. mix, mom was a CC* from the same rescue our female came from. Once he's vaccinated & protected I'll be taking him to training classes with the ultimate goals being him getting his CGC & eventually a therapy dog. :) I have no experience on the Boerboel but they beautiful. GL!
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  19. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    Weird... I posted 2 months ago that I hadn't met a Boerboel yet... well in the last 2 months I've met 3! A 10 week old male in a Petsmart, and adult male in another petsmart, and today Branka wrestled with a 6 month old male for about an hour at the dog park! We also found out that that pup from today lives right behind us!
  20. Prime

    Prime Banned

    Oh? I think I struck a cord with alot of people on hear. First of all, I volenttered in hawaii waianae humane socioty an rescued my share of animal's, so dont think that I dont know that there are abandin dogs in shelter's, which I completely disagree with most policy's of putting them down after a certian amount of time elapse, of them being unwanted. To me that wouldent make to much sense, why not take them to land reserve's, mountian's an forest's, at-least it would give them a better chance of survival natrually, implementing most were not born under human roof's to begin with. Only a few hundred year's they have been highly domesticated, but they should be able an capable of fending for them selve's thats not cruel at all, a house to live in is ideal an has a warm feeling to it, but its just a human concept of confienment.I have been around dogs my entire life an have had performance dogs, so I'd like to stick around with a dog that will keep up with my high athletic-ness life style an match who I'am. But I agree that now day's having the "Breeda" more favor's keeping dog's pure breed's an knowing defects an bad breeding just for size, agression an other attribute's. But I defend the cross as well, for if no dog was ever crossed, then for thousands of year's task's an job's for dogs in farming, retrieving, messaging, protecting ect ect.. would have had extremly poor results an a farmer, worker, land owner, police ect.. would have had to have around 10 different breed's of dogs, with having each only limited to there signature job title. An I do not agree at the same time with org's like the Akc, who hasent even been around more than 150 years can class a dog pure breed, unless they have Dna data like how they tell humans ethnic back grounds threw blood test an swaving of salaiva an such, then they are just putting up only an educated guess.I have found a few people that have crossed them already many times before an are classed as breeder's, not just back yard hobo's that happen to have those two breed's an they were stuck. No, Breeder's jobs are to get better quality attribute's out of what ever dog an title they want. I simply am going to take that route, why? just because thats what I want. Why do people get anything? Because they just like what they like, just because you like the color green does'nt mean I have to, just becuase you want a car doesnt mean you have to buy a cheap one on craigslist... I figure these are the last dogs that I ever buy, than I my dis well get the best. Im not asking anyone to do anything that will put a garentee defect, deformity or bad temperment on a litter, again thats why I'm getting 2 from a "breeder".And anyways, it sounds like your thinking I'm trying to get a trouble maker dog, that can be a powerhouse hammer. XD No, I have own pitbull's, an know that its just more of a hype, they can do alot of damage on a nother dog or human but its more of the owner than the dog, if your an asshole than your dog would most likely be one too an if your a steady person that has good princables than your dog will eventually take after those trait's. They were the freindlyest dogs you would ever meet, reguardless of breed's, a good dog will be a good dog an a bad dog will be a bad dog, though there are breed's that need's an eye kept on them once an a while, but it will also determine what you put into the dog as well.

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    An hey, why isint my paragraphs spacing out?
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