TX: Best Organizations to support that fight BSL

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by belawyer, Oct 27, 2017.

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    After the ordeal I went through at my apartments trying to find a good apartment dog, I definitely want to find a good organization to support the fight against BSL. Please let me know. I'm adopting a Cane Corso so I was probably going to join their AKC affiliate club but I'm not sure how much they fight against BSL.

    I live in the state of TX and everyone is equipped with arsenals of guns and licenses to carry firearms, etc. I'm shocked we are even still dealing with discrimination against certain dog breeds.

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    Yeah I had done quite a bit of breed research over the past month or so. I personally thought an AMstaff would make an ideal apartment dog. According to AKC they are medium size and medium energy adaptable and do well being left home alone. All attributes which would make for a decent dog for someone with a 9-5 job in an apartment. Much better than trying to keep a black lab or something that has a little higher exercise requirement and larger size. Unfortunately, it seems AMstaff's are basically treated like a pitbull.

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