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  1. What's the Best Mastiff as a First Dog, like for a first time owner. I've fallen in love with the cane corso, but and open to other breeds. But no small dogs!
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    I think it depends on how busy your life is and how you'd want a dog to fit in it.

    From your other post, you're not a total newb to working with dogs... and it sounds like you're finding out what all it would look like, so maybe a CC is for you?
  3. Thanks for all your help!
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    Sounds like you know what breed you already want ;). Sit on it and wait until you are 100% sure it is the decision you want to make, and then Go for it and never look back! lol

    Check out the different forum sections for all the different mastiff breeds and see what people are talking about, what you like and dislike about each breed.

    There is also a great Youtube channel which discusses all different dog breeds; "Documentary" is the youtube channel name.

    Here are a few of the videos from their channel (Dogumentary);

    English Mastiffs;

    Tibetan Mastiff;


    Neopolitan Mastiff;


    Dogue De Bordeaux;

    You can check out their channel and see more specific videos that appeal to you. :)
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