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  1. redog

    redog New Member

    Everybody tells me Bob is a bandogge. I know what his parents were and I know why this particular litter was "made". but I want to know more about them in general. What makes a bandogge and what are they intended for?
  2. tomcat

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    I dealt with a couple of these in practice a few years back. My understanding is that they are a mastiff/pit cross (maybe a Dogue de Bordeaux/pit cross specifically??).

    We were called upon to do ear crops on some pups....the younger dogs were pretty nice. Then we did an ear crop on a 1 year old male (don't ask and don't yell at me...I'm just the technician!!). After we sent him home, his father attacked him and injured him pretty severely!

    Here's a link for you:
  3. Renee

    Renee New Member

    I'm going to see if we can't get a Bandogge owner I know to chime in on this :)
  4. redog

    redog New Member

    Heres me & Oz, DDB cross
  5. redog

    redog New Member

    This is Bob

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  6. Zoom

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    If I"m remembering correctly, the Bandogge is an attempt to recreate the old "war mastiffs" of the Crusades or something along those lines. Don't quote me though.
  7. Droller

    Droller New Member

    IMO the bandogge can vary,the main one being APBT/Mastiff cross.

    My dogs mum is American bulldog and Neopolitan mastiff cross,she has a Bandogge apperance,built solid,large (110lbs) and very,very protective guardian wise.


    Shes not the typical mix that people associate with a bandogge but i think shes pretty cool and i like bandogges.
  8. Miakoda

    Miakoda New Member

    Bandogs were created like many other breeds were created: to try and produce the best type of dog to the specific work the owners needed done.

    With my research, it's my understanding that the original bandogs were bred to make an even better guardian breed that what there was at the time. (1500's or so). Pit dogs and other bully breeds were bred to the moloss breeds in an effort to bring about that perfect dog.

    I think what keeps the bandog from really gaining a lot of ground in general (not counting those like Lucero that had a goal and bred good dogs specifically for that goal and knew what he wanted and knew what needed to go into the equation), is that it is still a mixture of a bulldog breed and a moloss/mastiff breed yet there is not definitive recipe. It can be an APBT to a Bullmastiff or an APBT to a Neo or an OEB to an English Mastiff, etc.

    These dogs really interest me, but my interest remains solely in those who have moved well past the F1 and F2 generations and are producing solid and proven Bandogs. It's those who had a goal, culled when needed to, and continued to strive to meet the ultimate goal that I admire. Those just crossing any ol "pit bull" and a friend's mastiff together mean nothing to me other than "what a waste".
  9. Droller

    Droller New Member

    I agree,unfortunetly my dogs dam was produced for this very reason,big ass dog for intimidating reasons.

    Alot of people do this and they have no clue about health implications and other genetic issues.

    Im just glad my boy is healthy.
  10. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I got my dog from a friend of the guy on this site but he's been breeding neo/ pit for a while but he's still only using a pure bred pitbull female and pure bred male neo mastiff to breed as far as i know. When I went to go meet my puppy for the second time their full grown 3 year old bandog Beast was there and he was georgeous.
  11. Miakoda

    Miakoda New Member

    :eek: There is soooo much wrong with the dogs on that site that I don't even know where to begin.

    But seeing as how I'm much more versed in the APBT, I can promise you that the 92 lb "pure breed" 'pit bull' they own is a mixed breed dog in itself that is paper-hung. Not to mention that the only people touting a "pure breed Blue Pit Bull" are the ignorant/uneducated who know nothing about the dogs.

    As for the Mastiffs, knowing what I know about them as a vet tech (in terms of health), I see absolutely nothing about any kind of health testing such as for the hips and elbows and many of their dogs seem highly overdone.

    And that Mickey Blue Eyes dog just makes me cringe. His shoulders are downright horrid! I wonder what the hell kind of dog he is supposed to be.
  12. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Only reason I got the dog was because the guy lived down the street from my grandma and i had never heard of a bandog until the guy showed me it because he was given one that he couldnt take care of.
    Ya not saying the dogs are great I was just linking for some other pics of bandogs incase people wanted to see.

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