are these helpful or harmful?

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    bully max, green rhino, gorilla max, avo, dyne, , muscle bully, k9 extreme all of these pop up when i was searching dog vitamins. im just curious are these products beneficial? when you click the ads they look like dogs on steroids. steroids cant be good and i wouldnt give them to my dog thats for sure. its amazing to me the stuff they have out here. what are your opinions?
  2. Courtney H

    Courtney H Active Member

    I honestly don’t believe in giving my dogs stuff like that. Just a good diet, fish oil, and joint supplements.
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  3. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member


    Good diet (I feed home-prepared raw), Omega 3's and Joint Support Goodies.

    If you have specific health concerns there might be need for extras... We've gone through a lot of extra supplements (vitamins, herbs, etc) for a torn CCL this year, but we're just targeting healing, not aiming for the 'body builder' physique.
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  4. Bailey's Mom

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    I looked them over once, BUT, I'm with Courtney. I give my girl a healthy diet with good proteins and good fats. She gets treats, but I'm hardcore on the great meat, which I prepare myself. No by-products here! If it's something I would eat, she can eat it, too. So sirloin roasts and steaks, great; stewing beef, great; wild salmon, you bet; roasted chicken, not a problem. I also give a high quality kibble which is five star on the Dog Food Adviser. Balance, and good food sources, other than that, she's crazy for cat grass, though she prefers to shop outside for herself. Now that it's winter, I grow the cat grass under the grow lights.

    I love my Mastiff.
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  5. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I had never thought about getting them cat grass for winter. That's really interesting. I might have to look into growing some of that one of these days. :)

    Out of curiosity which kibble are you currently feeding?
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  6. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    I don't use supplements unless the dog needs it.

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