Allergies, Alopecia, Bacteria - ack!

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by LuthersMom, Apr 21, 2017.

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    My Luther, age 5-ish (rescue) was originally diagnosed with fungal issues (chunks of hair falling out, yeasty smell on skin and paws), loss of hair. After round 1 with the vet on treatment of Ketohex (antifungal), probiotics, and grain free food, we still experienced issues.

    We then tried a heavy does of Cephalexin twice a day for about 2 weeks. Probiotics to try to regrow the flora in his GI to make his bowels normal. That staved the black skin itching and hair loss a bit.

    Then it resurged. We are now on round 2 of big dose Cephalexin, in combo with antifungal shampoos, sprays, wipes, etc. I also administer a 2x daily dose of antihistamine. I stopped bringing Luther in the grass. We continue our grain free diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, etc.

    I'm about to hit up the vet again after a MAJOR resurgence of falling out hair, wet skin, red paws.

    I'd like any feedback or ideas I can get to maximize our next $$vet visit$$.

    Should I up the antihistamine? Wipe of allergens from skin more often? Bathe once a week? Try a different food? Eliminate ALL grain-including snacks?

    I'm frustrated for my uncomfortable dog. I just want to keep this at bay. Help!
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    Apoquel is a new treatment that works wonders. Also Zyrtec is used in our babies and also works well. These are both good options for Luther for the allergies. Keep on probiotics! As far as alopecia, I don't know any drugs Except that a tbsp of coconut oil 2/daily is a good antifungal and put on effected areas.

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    Should get him an allergy test done or change his food. Lots of dogs are allergic to chicken/poultry so I would stay away from those things. My friend with a gsd that has bad allergies feed him zignature kangaroo and you can get that on Don't give him any fruits or store bought treats. Don't give things like peanut butter, anything containing wheat, etc. Sugar causes inflammation. Limit his food intake to his food only. That will help eliminate some of the sources. I would try and change foods and limit his food to only his dog food and go from there instead of trying to look for more medicine to suppress his symptoms.

    What food are you feeding? What other things are you feeding him?
  4. Hector

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    Also, how is his thyroid level?
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    Take a chance go to a local market and buy some local raw honey that's from wild flowers give 1 spoon daily also if they have dried bee flower pollen. Last year my dog had fungus on his toes smelled like fritos. He was scratching I changed his food to grain free still didn't help. I moved him down to Purina sensitive skin and coat. Which helped I gave appoquel worked fantastic but expensive as hell and not that good for their system. I have been using the honey and can even miss 2 or 3 days and he's still fine. Before this I was losing my mind he still sheds but if that's the worst he's doing I'll take that. Also I bathed his little smelly feet in hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar and iodine. You can look up all these things online.

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    One more thing my dog had a plastic antimicrobial water dish. I changed to metal. I think it was part of the problem

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