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    Lettie was spayed 2 weeks ago. She is 21 months old and went through one heat at 13 months. I’m curious if a dogs behavior/personality changes after being spayed. I have googled this but I’m reading the same articles from vets that were all taught the same thing and want to spay every dog at 6 months old. I want to hear from my trusted Mastiff Forum family. Those of you who have actually experienced changes, or no changes.

    Lettie has seemed more loving and “lazy”. But I know it’s only been 2 weeks and she could just be healing. We also started letting her on the couch after her spay. She is so well behaved when she is snuggled up to us on the couch. So I’m aware that could have a little to do with the possible behavior change. I’m just curious what others have noticed.
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  2. Boxergirl

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    Ella really didn't change much. Everyone told me that her ... we'll call it dog selectiveness ... would get better after spaying. I didn't believe them, but was hopeful. I'd actually read that it often got worse. She's pretty much remained the same. Is she more loving? I'm really not sure. She's always been a great big goober with us and is creepy about me. I think that's not really changed much. The bigger changes were physical. She was 4 when she was spayed, and had nipples the size of thumbs. Those are much smaller now and barely noticeable. She's always been lazy. I do feel that her metabolism has changed. I have her on weight management food now and she's slimmed down nicely, but she was getting a little chubby for a while.
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    Kahlua's personality didn't change at all. But, her nipples and her vagina both got smaller. She had giant nipples and a huge vagina that would bounce when she ran prior to the surgery. Her nipples are still much larger than Diesel's and I think her vagina is still larger than I've seen on a dog before. But, there was a very noticeable change. I also agree with boxergirl that the metabolism changed. We just monitor how much she eats closely though and she is fine.
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