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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by MastiffMillie, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. MastiffMillie

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    Millie went out with her walker on Wednesday lunchtime who reported back to me that she's tried to stopillie from eating a dead rat but with no luck . I was expecting bad tummy Wednesday eve/Thursday but all was fine. So even though I was pretty certain we were up to date with flea treatment and worming, I did this again Thursday evening just to be on the safe side (I had to buy it hence the slight delay from Wednesday!) I've come home from work today to find a massive puddle of watery brown sick with grass in it and a pile of formed poo covered in mucous. And a wee. She's since done an informed poo in the garden. I'm going to starve her for 24 hrs and have given her some probiotic binding paste. What's your thoughts? See how she goes and hope for he best or get her to the vets as this may well be a parasite?
  2. Nik

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    Keep a very close eye on her and if anything seems off at all go to the vet. My mom's cat ate a rat that had ingested poison and did not survive the experience. Too many people do poison traps so there is a real risk when they eat rats. :-(
  3. MastiffMillie

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    Yes I'd considered that. Do you remember how long after eating he rodent the dog displayed symptoms? It's over 48 hours now but some sites say it can take several days for signs to show
  4. Nik

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    It was within 24 hours ... but then again a cat is so much smaller than a dog so I would expect reaction to be swifter.
  5. glen

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    Iv just had a close friend loose her dog due to eating a poisoned bird, it took a few days his organs started to fail, im sorry if i scare you but i would go if you feel anytjing is wrong, anotherbthought it could just be the medication affecting her.
  6. Bailey's Mom

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    I hate hearing about things like this...poor dog, I hope the creature wasn't poisoned and that your dog makes a full recovery. Yikes!

    We too had a neighbour whose dog was poisoned due to their next door neighbour using rat poison. I'm not sure if it ate a dead creature or if he got into the poison packs that he threw around under his deck and along the fence line. Poor thing died horribly in two days. Vet couldn't save it. The woman was devastated. It was a small dog and the poison just overwhelmed it's system. It's a cautionary tale about the use of these things. Though, hopefully, this rat died of old age and not some other poison or disease process.

    Your dog walker must have demanded your dog to "Drop It" or "Release", so, since your girl didn't do that, you MUST work on these commands until they are obeyed without exception. It could save her life!

    As an aside: If any one has this rat problem, try an electric trap...lots on the market. Fast kill, easy disposal, re-usable and not a danger to pets or birds of prey. You can see examples of them on You Tube. I have one...it works. It is just safer for everyone. Poisoned rats wander off to die where their carcasses can be accessed by other animals including pets, but, certainly it affects raptors as well as other animals that will stop by for a quick meal and pay with their lives.
  7. MastiffMillie

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    Well, there's been no more sickness or upset tummy today so I'm hoping that you're right glen about the meds. I used drontal wormer and when I googled it last night there's lots of reports about it causing sickness. Millie is still her usual self so fingers crossed the rat was just old!

    Yes, you're right about commands. She drops for me every single time and for her walker too normally. A decaying, rotten rat must have been just far too much of a find that day.

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