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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Rugers-Kris, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Downright hilarious
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    what are you saying here? mind posting up some actual examples?

    the CAFIB standard should be the basis of whether a dog qualifies, are you saying that some dogs do not meet the CAFIB standard yet are identified as CAFIB? or do you mean that dogs that do meet the standard can look very different than one another yet meet the standard? Long established breeders and their breeding programs often produce consistent looking dogs based on what the particular creator chose to create.

    mixed breeding with GD, other mastiff breeds or hounds is in my opinion pretty obvious to see (and often easy to confirm if there is actual photos of the dogs in the lineage).

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    CAFIB exists to preserve the fila and one thing missing here I think may be consideration that from my understanding not that many dogs evaluated by CAFIB get approved, especially with high marks (even considering the lineage of the dog). this is a important thing to consider IMHO. I believe they even dictate breeding restrictions (how many other groups/associations do this for preservation of the fila to restrict breeding?) It is no secret that there has been admitted mix breeding (which is also obvious from seeing pictures and videos of what people call "filas")

    I think some people have a very difficult time with this aspect of investing money, time and love into their puppy to find out it has faults so that they should not breed the dog for preservation of the fila.
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    Zebra, what he "assumes" is that every single dog owned by anyone who has either 1 CAFIB dog, says CAFIB is right or has what in his opinion is a CAFIB dog then it must be.. where I think he is getting mixed up is that in order for a Fila to truly be a CAFIB dog it must have gone through an evaluation and deemed not mix... he doesnt know which dogs are or were not which is why he posts pictures of dogs he knows nothing about and claims them to be CAFIB dogs. It is difficult to give someone information that already knows it all. Anyways I'm not gonna be on this for a while because I got some stuff coming up with work that I got to take care of and requires alot of time. dont PM me cause I probably wont be looking at this so shoot me an email if you need to ask a quick question.. Cariduro_filas@hotmail.com
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    To a 3yr old, he has laid out a very factual case to a mythical creature.
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    And that there is the sum of all my questions..well put....okay so im not gonna spend hours looking for cafib fila that dont look the same so you guys can have it there all perfect....well still haven't showed proof of my other questions where is it that the CAFIB fila is the almighty? Lol you said we are all like Liberals well your Conservative traits come out when you preach about something with no proof to back it up...and if Athena is mixed im fine with that lol ive said that already, really really dont bother me at all she'll bite ya that's the reason I wanted a fila and shoot even she ain one she fills the niche...

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    instead of ridicule maybe people would have their dog evaluated and find out whether it meets the CAFIB standard and if the evaluation has restrictions or is disqualified (and they tell you why). if it passes evaluation it could be MB=Very Good, B=Good, R=Regular - First grade is for conformation, Second for temperament.

    Then if people have complaint about dogs that have been evaluated by CAFIB and found to be Very Good, Good or Regular in fairness they should post up pictures of these dogs for people to see faults they find.

    This is only way to deal with this argumentation. Keep in mind not all offspring of CAFIB parents always retain approval after they are evaluated (this is the best way to preserve the breed and conformity to a standard rather than assuming a dog meets standard because of pedigree paper or lineage).

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    one problem is that photos do not give proper evidence of temperament (this require video of evaluation)
  8. zebraworks

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    one problem is that photos do not give proper evidence of temperament (this require video of evaluation)

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