9-Year-Old's Dog Biscuits Raising Money To Buy Dogs For Kids

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    9-Year-Old's Dog Biscuits Raising Money To Buy Dogs For Kids

    Posted: Feb 15, 2010 05:40 PM
    Updated: Feb 15, 2010 05:40 PM

    DENVER (KMGH-TV) - She's only 9 years old, but Allison Winn has found a way to help children fighting cancer. She wants them to have companion dogs.

    Winn was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Recovery was miserable until Coco the dog came into her life.

    "The dog instantly bonded with Allison," said Dianna Litvak, Allison's mother. "In the process, we realized that the dog was making Allison feel better."

    One day, Winn decided she was going to make dog biscuits. She wanted to sell them to raise money for another child to get a dog.

    From that idea came Project Stink Bug, named after what Winn called her chemo treatments.

    Winn sold the homemade dog biscuits in her front yard all summer long. Word spread.

    "People are so generous," Litvak said. "One guy rode by on his bike and gave her a hundred dollar bill."

    Soon Winn had enough money for two dogs. That's when Winn's idea moved to the state prison system. Why the state prison? Because the state of Colorado has the prison-trained K-9 companion program where inmates train rescue dogs.

    "We have a reason to wake up every day," said inmate Terrina Flora-Alexander. "We have a reason to do something positive."

    "To see how happy they are and to see how much joy that dog brings them, I can't help but cry," said inmate Natalie McFarlane.

    One of the dogs trained by those inmates is Ollie. Thanks to Project Stink Bug, Ollie was given to Andrew Davis, 6, along with a year's worth of food. Andrew said Ollie is his best friend.

    "He is truly a companion for my son," said Candice Davis, Andrew's mother. "He knows when he's not feeling good."

    And Winn is getting some more help with her project. Resort 2 Kindness gave Project Stink Bug a $10,000 check.

    "When push comes to shove, people are extraordinary, and they want to make a difference," said Elva Pellouchoud with Resort 2 Kindness.

    In all, Winn has raised about $20,000 for Project Stink Bug. It costs about $450 for each dog trained in the prison program.

    You can buy Winn's dog biscuits at:

    29th Avenue Animal Hospital, 7305 E 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80238-2701, (303) 394-3937

    U-Shampooch, 7474 E. 29th Avenue, Denver, CO 80238, (303) 321-5353

    Lulu's Furniture and Decor, 2553 South Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80222, (303) 756-2222

    Gentle Touch Animal Hospital, 8941 E. Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80231, (303) 691-3720

    Park Hill Co-op Bookstore, 4620 E. 23rd Ave., Denver, CO 80207, (303) 355-8508

    To learn more or to donate, visit the Project Stink Bug Web site.


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