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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Busher, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Busher

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    First CC and first post.
    Just got my first CC at 6 and half months old. She only weights 48 lbs (22 Kg) and stands at 20.5 inches (52 cm) at withers. According to CC charts I saw on line, she's way too small. Although the previous owners admitted to not feeding her quality food, I'm curious if she's mixed breed. Any information is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks you 119060739_318049415964817_6637528927764535434_n.jpg 119058024_333438344671330_5880845253460974253_n.jpg 119061749_796461627850972_3049906521129760386_n.jpg
  2. Boxergirl

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    She's a lovely girl. Just going by the pictures you've posted, she looks to be in perfect condition to me. The charts are just a general guideline. I know we all do it, but try not to worry about what the scale says. Go by body condition. There are posts with body condition charts on the forum as well as online and they work for any breed. Lean is better for growing dogs.
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  3. Loverboy Skyline

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    Since we don't know her background, we can only speculate about her purity. There seems to be a lot of variation within CC's, more so than other breeds. She could very well be a pure CC that's on the small side, and she doesn't strike me as malnourished. All you can do is feed her quality food and she will grow to her genetically programmed size. She is a good looking dog nonetheless.
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  4. Smokeycat

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    Sometimes they just naturally grow slower as well. I've got an EM that was always below the growth charts I could find online, even though based on his parents he should be one of the big boys when grown. I keep him at a lean 190lbs, ideal would likely be about 210lbs. He just took longer than the average to get where he was supposed to be.
    As long as she is at a good body condition, and it looks like she is, i wouldn't be concerned.
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  5. timmy59

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    She is a fine looking dog that's for sure and looks to be in plenty good flesh.. I'd bet a few bucks you could search CC pictures and find one just like her.. IMO , I don't want a large breed dog to grow fast and have any weight burden, I want the bone frame 1st.. A good quality grub but limit amount..
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  6. Busher

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    Thank you all so much.
    I just read that large breeds go through growth spurts during their adolescence months, which is between 6 and and 18 months. I guess she is supposed to grow to her natural CC size
    Appreciate it all of you :)

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