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  1. Hi all! RHAEGAR is doing great! Hes really come around and is healthy as can be. He is such a joy and the perfect dog for us. WE LOVE HIM lol RHAEGAR is 18 weeks now and weighs in at 45 lbs (let me know what you think of his weight size and build). He is currently on the raw diet and doing great from it! Plus its fun portioning his food and adding things to it for his health(eggs, oliveoil, coconutoil, vitMins etc..) . Hes living his best life.

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    Nice pictures! Rhaegar is so darn cute. Glad he's doing well. It's encouraging to know he's doing good on the raw diet. Do you give him kibble at all?
  3. Thank you!! No kibble at all! All in and hes loving it. We get mean from the butcher and it costs about 15-18 bucks a week depending on what we decide to get as far as muscle meat.
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