15 week old Cane Corso puppy Clicking noise?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Jago19, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Hi All,

    We have recently got our Cane Corso Puppy. Due to importing him to the UK we have had to wait for him to be 15 weeks old before he could come home. He's been with us for a week now and I have noticed that sometimes when getting up from a resting position he clicks slightly, kind of like us cracking our back or fingers.

    We do have him on a joint supplement because I am aware of the potential of HD & ED in the breed. His Parents are European Show dogs with great hip & elbow scores but as with genetics you can't predict that those qualities will be passed on.

    He doesn't click all the time when rising it's only sometimes and it's not very loud. If the TV was on I would miss the sound completely. We don't let him jump around a lot as we know he is still growing however we do make sure he has enough exercise but isn't over doing it. He doesn't show any signs of pain or limping etc and is more than happy to run around and play.

    I was wondering if this is just a normal part of a puppy growing. I will be taking him to register him with our vet and will mention it to them and get them to check him over too but I can't get an appointment until next week thanks to the virus. If needed I will have him X-rayed to check it's all good (If it's safe to do so at his age)

    Have any of your puppy's had this whilst growing? Has it been a cause for concern or just simply a part of growing?
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    I have never encountered this myself, but I'd get him insured ASAP for pet insurance, and make sure it covers everything. You are doing the right thing to keep him active, but not overly active. When they are little a small accident can be a big concern later on. And yes, get baseline x-rays. Your breeder should have some guarantee regarding joint issues. And it's better to start that conversation sooner rather than later. Also, if there is a problem or a perceived weakness, you can help your dog to avoid injuries and perhaps strengthen those areas.
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    i can think of two reasons , neither is anything to be concerned about ...... the joint capsule pops after resting , something to do with nitrogen bubbles , or a tendon popping back into place ...... more than limiting his exercise , limit the type of exercise ...... impact and torque can and do cause issues , you cannot walk him too much .....
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    2 excellent replies, I would follow the 1st one closely, the 2nd is also noteworthy.. I can only add good luck and lets see some pics of the new baby.. Please..
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    Thank you guys so much, you have helped calm me down. To be fair my old Bordeaux cross used to click from time to time too & his body was always perfectly healthy. He could pass as a young dog up until he died if it wasn’t for his greying face. He would always stretch it out & be fine but I don’t remember hearing it when he was a puppy. With that being said I never had him on joint supplements as it wasn’t something I knew about back then.

    I don’t limit his exercise in terms of walking as I know he will tell me when he’s tired from that but I don’t allow him to bounce around, jump etc he’s quite a big boy for his age (at least I think so) my poor partner lifts him in and out the car for me just to be safe as I know he’s growing and I don’t want one little accident to cause him any issues in his adult hood.

    it’s hard to know if I’m being a bit too over protective or not. I am booking him in for the once over at my vets asap but the virus is making things more difficult as they are limiting appointments.

    He seems very healthy and happy to me, regardless.

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    More puppy pictures :)

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    Jago19, that is one superb looking pup.. You did very well in my eyes.. If your a female lol your protective instincts are probably kicken in.. Thank you for the pictures.. Grow slow, build the frame before the bulk..
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    He’s a very pretty boy & knows it :rolleyes: thank you! Haha my partner keeps telling me I am a over protective mother so that would make complete sense!

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