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Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by xt10rx, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. xt10rx

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    So i got a 11 month male presa canario he weighs about 125lb hes amazing and is perfect but only problem is that he is to friendly sometimes. I don't want him to be this aggressive dog or anything.I have a farm with a lot of machines and stuff and just need him to be aware if the wrong person ever comes. He's really friendly with everyone if someone comes over he instantly starts to play with them not even knowing who it is. It's not that he not protective like if i'm playing with another dog and that dog starts to jump on me he comes running to pull the other dog off that's not the problem it's just when people come over he just instantly become friends with them. I don't want a thief comming on my property and my dog to start playing with him i need him to be protective. I've socialized him a lot when he was a puppy just want to know if there's anything i can do. I for sure know he is protective of me just need him to be a little more aware.
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  2. Boxergirl

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    Seems like that's probably just his temperament. He's also still very young. They don't really come into their temperament until they're older, like 2 years old, and you may see some change when he loses more of that puppy derpiness.
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    Yeah it's weird cause his mom was a real fiesty one
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  4. glen

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    Agree hes still very young, iv got ccs, my first one i can remember thinking this breed isnt no gaurd dog, then around 18 months i thought oh my defo gaurding breed.. i have 3 iv not had to train them to gaurd its natural, iv trained them when to stand down.
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  5. Loverboy Skyline

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    My American Bulldog was like that. Friendliest dog ever, but he could do IPO and he could catch hogs. Maybe you can do some protection work with him, teach him an attack command, etc. At least get him in the mindframe of being a protector.
  6. timmy59

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    As already said he is a puppy yet.. Most all dogs have an inherit nature to know a humans uneasiness, once he's older he will make judgments you likely never thought.. Most or all of the mastiffs are protectors and age with life experience will have him know what doesn't belong or isn't right..

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