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  1. Nik
    Happily back home with the pups and the husband. <3
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  2. Nik
    Just a few more days before I can head back home to my pups and my husband!
  3. Nik
    Today my husband gets home and tomorrow I head out to california for work again for a week.
  4. Nik
    still waiting on my husband... but he should be back within the next few days
  5. Nik
    Eagerly waiting for my husband to finish packing up the old house and trying really hard not to call him to nag him to hurry up. :-p
  6. Courtney H
    Courtney H
    Cold weather is hitting New Hampshire and my dogs aren't a fan.
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  7. Nik
    back home with the pups and my husband is off for another load of stuff and to completely clear out the old place...
  8. Nik
    4 more days til I fly home to my dogs and husband again
  9. Nik
    Husband makes the journey home tomorrow. Me and the dogs will be much happier with him home.
  10. Nik
    husband is off for maybe the last load from the old house... pups and me missing him already.
  11. Nik
    So glad Friday is here again
  12. Nik
    Happy Friday the 13th!
  13. Eden
    1. BlackShadowCaneCorso
      Hi Eden, I am sorry for the issue you have experience but the article above has so many inaccurate information that it is scary.
      Jul 10, 2018
  14. Eden
    Apex Cane Corso does not radiograph parent dog's hips.
  15. Eden
    I had to put down my 5 year old due to hip, knee, psoas surgery & cancer. She came from APEX Cane Corso
  16. Eden
    Please read, I had to put down my 5 year old due to hip, knee, psoas surgery & cancer. She came from APEX Cane Corso
  17. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom Sheila Braund
    Hoping all is well and that you are settling in again. Blessings on you and yours, both two-and-four-legged. Bailey sends you a huge Mastiff Hug.
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    2. Sheila Braund
      Sheila Braund
      Thank you. Bella’s back home from grandpas. She wouldn’t lay down on the couch until I laid down with her. For the last 2 days she hasn’t left my side.
      Jun 18, 2018
  18. Nik
    Diesel seems happy to be home with me listening to Disney tunes while I work.
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  19. Nik
    Spending the week in the CA office and missing home, the pups, the cat and hubby terribly.
  20. Zeela
    Zeela is 11 mos. old as of today, only 1 more mo. for the big 1 yr old B-day bash.
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