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  1. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom mamawolfe
    Welcome Mamawolfe...We are so happy to see you coming home to us. Pictures! We Must Have Pictures!
  2. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom Luca17
    Welcome back...We look forward to sharing with you, AND, We Must Have New Pictures!
  3. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom HugyBearMD
    Dear HugyBearMD, Welcome Home. Broken Hearts Heal With Mastiff Hugs. Tell us about your boy in Memorials. Our Dear Ones Will Always Be Loved.
  4. HugyBearMD
    Zeus was a good boy, he was my best friend. I miss him so.
  5. Luca17
    Thought I'd check in. Luca (French mastiff/boxer cross) will be 4 in a few weeks. He's a very sweet, laid-back boy.
  6. mamawolfe
    So happy to be back!
  7. PrideNJoyzCC
    Still here after all these years.
  8. Courtney H
    Courtney H
    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
  9. DennasMom
    DennasMom Courtney H
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  10. Aimee Green
    Aimee Green
    Saint Bermastiff
  11. Michele
    Fly under the radar
  12. Canis-Pugnax-Siciliano
    really want a cane corso
  13. King Corso
    King Corso
    My cane corso is my best friend
  14. Lennypads
    Lennypads are THE washable, absorbent, leak-proof pads. Great for whelping boxes, crates, or for potty pad use. Learn more at
  15. 7121548
    Vet visit today! 157 lbs.
  16. Nik
    Back in the office and missing having the pups by my side all day long.
  17. kingmark
    Boerboel 4 life
  18. Mastini Mayhem
    Mastini Mayhem
    Do or Don't....There is no try
  19. debpdx54321
  20. Hayley
    Rescued a 7 week old Mastiff puppy who is so scared of my husband because of what she went through.. how can we make her feel safe?