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  1. kingmark
    Boerboel 4 life
  2. Mastini Mayhem
    Mastini Mayhem
    Do or Don't....There is no try
  3. debpdx54321
  4. Hayley
    Rescued a 7 week old Mastiff puppy who is so scared of my husband because of what she went through.. how can we make her feel safe?
  5. mastiffmommyx3
    mastiffmommyx3 Andymastiff
    Hi Andy my Girl is almost 2 years and she is the first EM I have ever had! They are simply the best!
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    2. Andymastiff
      Oh yes, I can set a bunny in front of him and he won't touch. Yet if someone approaches me he lets them know he isn't ok with that. They are amazing. I want a boy from him when he is older, as I couldn't ask for a better dog.
      Jan 3, 2017
  6. Andymastiff
    I am from Ohio, I have an AKC 16 month old Male EM, he is Fawn, and the love of my life, after my kids of course :)
  7. Andymastiff
    Love looking at and talking Mastiffs, never loved a breed so Much!!!
  8. Krazy_ass_angel
    New Member. Excited to be here.
  9. Dogue Lover
    Dogue Lover
    It's been a long time . I thought this site was gone! Happy 2 see its back!
  10. tojvan
    Just realized all my previous content from the old forum is missing!!!!!
  11. Nik
    Christmas season means the pups get lots of caroling. They love Christmas music!
  12. TWW
    TWW ladyleatherneck
    Posting where you are located and what tpe of mastiffs may help.
  13. Iulicris88
    Iulicris88 Jimmy cappadona
    Well, since she's not skinny and, as far as i can tell, her weight is good for her age, i don't think there's anything to worry about. You don't want her to get too chubby and grow too fast so, as long as you don't think there's something wrong health wise, just let her be. And 2&1/2 cups is not that little, especially if it's a good quality food.
  14. Jimmy cappadona
    Jimmy cappadona
    My 11 week old english mastiff puppy is not eating enough. How can i encourage her to eat the proper amount for growth?
    1. Iulicris88
      What do you understand by enough? Is she healthy, up to date with her deworming? Is she skinny to the point that you can see most of her ribs and feel her hip bones and spine? If her body weight is fine, than she probably eats as much as she needs. If she is too skinny, you can add wet puppy food, ground meat, bone broth, cottage cheese...over her kibble.
      Nov 20, 2016
    2. Jimmy cappadona
      Jimmy cappadona
      Not skinny, weighs about 35

      lbs at 12 weeks. I ask because the breeder told me at 9 wks she ate 4 cups of dry a day. Could she be mistaken because she has never eaten that since i got her. 2 1/2 cups max.
      Nov 25, 2016
  15. ladyleatherneck
    I need help rehoming my two mastiffs
    1. Nik
      Hi! I am so sorry to hear that.

      Have you tried posting yet under the mastiff rescue and adoption category in the forum? Your not as likely to get a lot of responses just posting in your own profile. Also you may want to mention where you are located. There are some great people on here who might be able to point you towards a good rescue or who may even know someone who can take in your mastiffs.
      Nov 17, 2016
  16. Dogman
    And having a good time on a crummy day is our game, Quiche Quiche Lorraine
  17. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom Nik
    Dear Nik, I am distressed about the Trump victory. I actually took aspirin because my heart was beating out of my chest. How could this happen? "Molotov Cocktail?" Nuclear Bomb? One of the Roosevelts said, "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick." Trump, drunk with power will use that new .5 K. Bomb...20 miles of devastation. We're scared here.
  18. glen
    glen Vicki
    Hi Vicki. Sorry not been able to access the forum. I'm back on now.
  19. Nik
    I can't even. Can I just go back to sleep for the next four years please?
  20. Nik
    sad and disappointed and ashamed.