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  1. Ironmike
  2. Mastador
    My sweet Lily is 9 weeks old and loves to nibble. Any suggestions on how to break her of this?
  3. Shouratied1997
    Inutile donc forcément indispensable.
  4. Nik
    Can't wait for the work day to end so I can get back to my babies. Tomorrow is a work from home day and I can't wait.
  5. Roymarlon
    I love my mastiff! He's my best friend
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  6. Nik
    Kahlua destroyed another dog bed.
  7. Jere Spurlin
    Jere Spurlin
    New Member, proud owner of Kronos at four year old English Mastiff.
  8. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom mamawolfe
    Welcome Mamawolfe...We are so happy to see you coming home to us. Pictures! We Must Have Pictures!
  9. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom Luca17
    Welcome back...We look forward to sharing with you, AND, We Must Have New Pictures!
  10. Bailey's Mom
    Bailey's Mom HugyBearMD
    Dear HugyBearMD, Welcome Home. Broken Hearts Heal With Mastiff Hugs. Tell us about your boy in Memorials. Our Dear Ones Will Always Be Loved.
  11. HugyBearMD
    Zeus was a good boy, he was my best friend. I miss him so.
  12. Luca17
    Thought I'd check in. Luca (French mastiff/boxer cross) will be 4 in a few weeks. He's a very sweet, laid-back boy.
  13. mamawolfe
    So happy to be back!
  14. PrideNJoyzCC
    Still here after all these years.
  15. Courtney H
    Courtney H
    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
  16. DennasMom
    DennasMom Courtney H
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  17. Aimee Green
    Aimee Green
    Saint Bermastiff
  18. Michele
    Fly under the radar
  19. Canis-Pugnax-Siciliano
    really want a cane corso
  20. King Corso
    King Corso
    My cane corso is my best friend